About Me

Hello there. My name is Amanda Stone and I like to make up stories for people, especially young people.

I have enjoyed making up stories since I was very young. I even still have some of them!


One of my favorites was about a shy boy who brought smelly cheese to lunch and kids made fun of him (based on a very real experience). But his tears transformed the cheese into a powerful monster that helped him stand up for himself.

I don’t think my stinky cheese story will be published any time soon, but I have many others that I’ve written since then for children of all ages.

I am new on my publishing journey but already couldn’t be happier because I am doing what I love to do. I hope to share my stories with everyone and inspire people to change the world with their joy.


I am seeking representation at this time. I write picture books, young adult, and middle grade.

Favorite Things Besides Writing:

  • Reading, of course!
  • Making art and crafts
  • Cooking (and eating)
  • Meditating